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Aldersgate Formalizes its Commitment to Inclusion

At Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center, we believe in the power of inclusion. Since our establishment in 1945, our mission has been clear: to provide a welcoming, safe, and sacred space for everyone who crosses our threshold. Our commitment to inclusion is not just a policy; it's a reflection of our deeply held values and beliefs.

Rooted in Faith

Our dedication to inclusion stems from our understanding of scriptural teachings that emphasize the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. We draw inspiration from biblical principles that call us to treat others with the same love and respect we desire for ourselves, recognizing that we are all created in the image of God. This foundational belief is the guiding light that illuminates our path toward creating a community where everyone feels valued, respected, and embraced.

Celebrating Diversity

Diversity is a gift from God, and at Aldersgate, we celebrate it in all its forms. We welcome LGBTQ individuals, people of different races, various socioeconomic statuses, and individuals with varying abilities. Our commitment to diversity is not just about tolerance; it's about embracing the richness that comes from the tapestry of humanity.

Our Inclusion Policy in Action

Our inclusion policy is not just a statement; it's a living, breathing commitment to fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding. Here's how we put our policy into action:

  1. Diverse Staff: We celebrate diversity in our staff, ensuring that our team reflects the cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, and gender expressions of our campers and communities.

  2. Respect for Pronouns and Names: We honor and acknowledge individuals' pronouns and names, respecting their gender identity.

  3. Gender-Inclusive Housing: Cabin/room assignments are based on individuals' gender identity, with accommodations made upon request.

  4. Zero Tolerance for Discrimination: We strictly prohibit the use of slurs or any form of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, or any other identity.

  5. Inclusive Facilities: Our facilities are designed to be accessible to individuals of all abilities, with handicap-accessible amenities provided.

  6. Family Diversity: We welcome and honor diverse family structures, recognizing the beauty and strength in all family compositions.

  7. Inclusive Healthcare: Our dedicated nurse provides inclusive healthcare, including gender-affirming care, reproductive health, and mental health support.

  8. Financial Accessibility: Through camperships, we ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience camp, regardless of financial circumstances.

  9. Training and Standards: We hold our board members, staff, and volunteers to high standards of inclusivity, providing training to nurture our inclusive space.

Join Us on the Journey

At Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center, inclusion isn't just a policy; it's a way of life. We invite you to join us on this journey of acceptance, understanding, and love. Together, let's create a world where everyone is valued, respected, and embraced for who they are.

Join us as we strive to change the world—one heart, one mind, one campfire at a time.


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