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ages 14 - 17

JUNE 30 - JULY 5


Get fired up for an electrifying week at Ignite!

We're not just here to talk the talk – we're all about walking the walk and making a real impact! Say goodbye to dull workshops because we're diving headfirst into action-packed experiences. Picture this: instead of just lounging around, we're venturing out to Providence to team up with inspiring activists who are making waves in our communities and government. It's your chance to be part of something huge and leave your mark on the world! Get ready to ignite change and make every moment count at Ignite!

$575 (Deposit $100)


ages 14 - 16

JULY 14 - 19

Ready to take it to the next level?


If you're up for a challenge and love the idea of sleeping under the stars, cooking up your own grub, and embracing the great outdoors, this adventure is calling your name! For an entire week, you'll be living on the wild side, honing your teamwork and outdoor survival skills. Forget the typical camp routine – we're talking about pitching tents, cooking up delicious campfire meals, and navigating the wilderness like a true explorer. And when you're not conquering the ropes course or diving into the lake at "main camp," you'll be deep in the heart of the woods, pushing your limits and creating unforgettable outdoor memories!

$600 (Deposit $125)



ages 9 - 17

JULY 21- 26

Spend your week singing, dancing, painting, creating, and building connections with other young artists.

For our 9 - 17 year old campers, every morning is spent working on the production of Shrek the Musical Jr. that we will present to parents on Friday. Afternoons offer plenty of options so you can try new art forms like collage or contemporary dance or more traditional camp activities like soccer and swimming.

$625 (Deposit $150)


ages 9 - 16

Session #1 - JUNE 16 - 21

Session #2 - JUNE 23 - 28

Session #4 - JULY 7- 12

Session #5 - JULY 14- 19

Session #7 - JULY 28 - AUG 2

Session #8 - AUG 4 - 9


Campers have an opportunity to choose activities they already know they enjoy and try new things with their group. Get ready to have your best week ever!


After breakfast and morning worship, you will head off to a variety of activities like boating, arts and crafts, or soccer. Lunch and rest hour offer a chance to reset before an afternoon of fishing, gaga, or swimming.  Our evenings always include time to catch up with your cabin at dinner and evening activities like all-camp games and campfires. 


$575  (Deposit $100)

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