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Is my child ready for summer camp? If they have had a chance to learn about camp through a brochure, website, camp tour, etc. then you can ask them, “Would you like to go to camp?” If they say yes, they are probably ready.  If they say no, wait another year.

If they say maybe or you are still unsure, here are some things to consider:

      • Have they spent the night successfully at a friend or relative’s house?

      • Can they handle basic living skills on their own (washing up, brushing teeth, getting dressed)?

      • Are they able to express their needs appropriately? Are they able to tell their teacher when they need to go to the bathroom, don’t understand instructions, or feel uncomfortable in a situation? Campers need to be able to speak up when they need something from their counselor.

My child is shy, will they have a good time? You may be surprised to hear that many of our long-term campers and staff members are introverts. Camp provides an emotional safe space that provides a sense of connection that is not available in many places outside the home, which causes lots of "shy kids" to thrive.

Is Camp Aldersgate just for Methodists? No! Camp Aldersgate is open to all campers, regardless of their faith background. Campers from many faiths - and those without a faith background - have found Aldersgate to be an excellent place to explore and strengthen their spiritual life. Aldersgate has a progressive Methodist theology, which emphasizes that everyone is created in God's image and is loved and accepted for who they truly are. Therefore, we are called to love and accept each other for who God has made them to be.

Is the information in the online registration system secure? Camp Aldersgate has partnered with Camp Brain, a leader in the camp software industry, to offer online registration for camp. The information in the system is accessible only to the camper's family and appropriate Aldersgate staff.

My camper is attending camp with some of their friends. Are we able to request that they all room together? If your camper is coming with a friend and would like to be in the same cabin, we honor one cabin mate request. Please remember that both families must make the request and that campers must be within two years of the same age.  

Please note that most activities at Aldersgate are split into three age groups (8-10, 11-13, and 14-16) so your camper may be "bumped down" an age group if they want to be in the same cabin as a younger friend.  We have many all-camp activities and opportunities to hang out with other cabins so campers will still get to see their friends even if they are not in the same cabin.

Will I get to see where my camper will be staying? Will I get to meet their counselor? Yes! You will help move your camper into their bunk. At the cabin, you will meet some of the staff who will be in your camper's group for the week.  Our staff love to meet parents so that they can get to know your camper from the start!

My camper is not a strong swimmer. Can they still go swimming in the lake? Every Sunday evening we have a waterfront orientation where all campers learn the rules for the waterfront and the boating procedures. All campers can swim in the shallow end and use canoes with staff.  Campers who are 11 or older can boat with friends even if they do not take a swim test. Campers who want to swim in the raft area must successfully pass a swim test on Monday afternoon. Our swim test consists of swimming to the end of the swimming area, treading water for a minute, and swimming back to the shallow end.

How much money should I put in my camper's store account? Campers can purchase a maximum of two snacks per day at our canteen. The most expensive snack is $1 so $10 is plenty for the week! We also open the camp store on Sunday during check-in, on Friday during pickup, and once during the camp week. We sell camp gear and supplies ranging from $5 to $50. Some parents leave money for campers to buy things during the week and others buy their camp gear during check-in or pickup.

I think my camper left something behind at camp. Do you have a lost and found? Of course! If your item is labeled, we will call you to let you know that we have found it. If not, we keep everything that is left behind until our fall festival in October so please call camp and let us know what you are missing! After the fall festival, we donate all items from the lost and found.

Do you offer camperships/financial aid? Yes - we believe no child should be prevented from going to camp because their family cannot afford to pay for it. Camperships are available for one week of overnight camp each summer, if needed. The campership request form must be filled out and submitted by May 1.  Camperships are provided by people who recognize the value of Christian camping and whose lives have been deeply affected by Aldersgate.  Click here to go to our campership page!

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