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Work groups are vital to Camp Aldersgate. With only one year-round maintenance staff person and 280+ acres, there is a high demand for grounds work.


Projects can be found for any group from 2 to 100 people. Projects include painting, raking, gardening, trail work, carpentry, or general grounds clean up.


We look for projects that fit our needs, as well as the interest of each group. Work groups are welcome on weekdays and certain weekends.


From February to August, the administrative office can get pretty busy!


Volunteers can help with copying, filing, stuffing envelopes, answering phones, and more.


This is the perfect opportunity for any volunteer who enjoys office work, is looking for something to do after school or outside of the home, or is in need of volunteer hours for work or school.


Our annual arts camp is possible because of the work of a dedicated group of volunteers.

If you have training and skills in visual or performing arts, this may be a perfect opporutnity to give back to Aldersgate.  We are always looking for people who bring new skills to enhance our campers' experience.

Please note that Living Arts volunteers are not used as cabin counselors and are expected to lead a minimum of three and half hours of arts programming each day of the week.

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