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Our “first timers” camps are specially designed for our youngest campers to transition into overnight camp as successfully as possible.  Smaller group size, a modified schedule, and specially trained staff are put in place to help our youngest campers have an amazing first summer at camp!



ages 7 & 8

JULY 14- 19

Ready to explore the great outdoors?

This week allows our youngest campers to start blazing their own trail as an adventurer! Campers will fish, hike, build forts, and explore our diverse ecosystems.  Our last night will be spent enjoying the night sky with a campout!


$575 (Deposit $100)


ages 7 & 8

JUNE 23- 28

Take science out of the classroom

and into the field!


At camp, we're breaking free from the classroom and diving headfirst into hands-on, mind-blowing experiences. Imagine getting your hands dirty while hunting for tadpoles, concocting crazy chemistry experiments, and even programming your very own robots!  But here's the best part – you won't be doing it alone. Meet fellow science enthusiasts, make new friends, and embark on thrilling camp activities that will ignite your passion for science! Get ready to unleash the scientist in you and have a blast like never before!

$575 (Deposit $100)



ages 7 & 8

JULY 7 - 12

Get ready for the ultimate teddy bear extravaganza!

Join us in crafting your very own cuddly companion, and guess what? Your new teddy bear is not just going to be a camp buddy – it's coming along for all the thrilling adventures we have in store! From epic games to awesome activities, your first camp experience is not only about making friends and having a blast but also about creating memories with your very own fuzzy sidekick. So, grab your creativity and get ready for a camp experience that's as unique as your personalized teddy bear!

$575 (Deposit $100)

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