Lunch is included at Aldersgate!

Each day a "main entree" is provided like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, or tacos.  Lemonade is offered but campers must have two glasses of water before a glass of lemonade to prevent dehydration.

If your camper does not like the  main option, we always offer the option to have a Sunbutter and jelly or cheese sandwich.

Some campers choose to bring their own lunch.  Just remember - no peanuts or tree nuts!

Snacks are included in day camp tuition and are served each afternoon around 2:30. 

These are typically fruit, cheese sticks, or other healthy snacks.

On Friday, our healthy snack is still an option but the canteen is also open for day campers.  Campers can purchase up to two snacks if they choose.  Each snack costs $1 or less.

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