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Aldersgate does not discriminate - all are welcome to work at Aldersgate regardless of religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. New staff applicants are required to be over age 18.

We are open to both staff and campers of all faith backgrounds and potential Aldersgate staff must agree to work collaboratively with others regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or faith background.

Aldersgate has a long history of hiring international staff.  This is a great opportunity for our campers to meet people from all over the world from different cultures and backgrounds. In 2019, we had summer staff from Australia, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, Scotland, South Africa, and Spain!


Some of the personal qualities we look for in our summer staff include interest in working with children, an excitement for working outdoors, ability to work as part of a team, being a good listener, ability to think quickly and react positively to challenging situations, and excitement for our mission.


All staff receive a national background check before each camp season, even if they have been on staff before. Our application process is very thorough to insure we create the best team who will be able to work together and create a safe, memorable, fulfilling experience for campers.

Our staff culture encourages communication and collaboration.  Staff work hard to improve their interpersonal and problem solving skills to continue to improve throughout the summer.


Prior to camp, all senior staff participate in online training sessions specifically tailored to their past experience and skills needed this summer.


Upon arriving at Aldersgate, they receive two full weeks of training including First Aid/CPR/AED certification, counseling skills, leadership training, program development, faith exploration, team and relationship building, and situation-based exercises. 


Some staff also receive additional training or certifications in lifeguarding, challenge course facilitation, canoeing, sailing, and archery. This training is done by our leadership team and specialized professionals from the camp, education, and health industries.

Throughout the summer, staff continue to receive in-service training to improve skills each week.

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