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Aldersgate is

ACA Accredited!

All of our summer supervisory team members have been directly involved in an Aldersgate re-accreditation visit and continue to engage in professional development throughout the year.  Carrie (our Day Camp Direcor) and Rikki (our Director of Leadership & Curriculum Development) are both Associate Visitors for ACA New England, which means they have been trained to evaluate other camps as part of their accreditation process.

Why is accreditation important???

  • There are no federal regulations for camps and some states (like Rhode Island!) don't have a process for regulating camps.  This means that camps without ACA accreditation may not be adhering to industry-accepted standards.

  • Accreditation is voluntary, which means accredited camps are going above and beyond to provide the best experience possible for campers, staff, and rental groups.

  • Accreditation establishes guidelines for needed policies, procedures, and practices.

  • Accreditation helps families to select camps that meet industry and government standards, even when they are not required by the state.

The American Camp Association Accreditation means Aldersgate cares about its campers, staff, and guests! Each year, Aldersgate undergoes a thorough review of its operations and ensures that industry standards and best practices are implemented in all areas from staff training and qualifications to emergency management and everything in between.  This ensures everyone who comes to Aldersgate can have fun and grow in a safe environment.

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