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Why I Support Aldersgate - Kimberly Bouthiette

As a child, I was never quite sure of myself. I struggled with confidence and often found

myself lost in the crowd. All of that changed one summer when I attended Camp

Aldersgate in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Many summers followed, leading me to who

I am today.

From the moment I arrived, I felt a sense of belonging. The counselors were friendly

and welcoming, and the other campers were just as eager to make new friends as I

was. The camp was more than just a place to have fun and make friends; it was a

community that fostered leadership and faith.

As the days went by, I found myself taking on more responsibilities. I was given the

chance to lead activities, mentor younger campers, and even participate in the daily

devotionals. I began to discover my own leadership style - one that was kind, patient,

and empathetic. I learned that being a leader wasn't about being the loudest or most

assertive, but rather about being a role model for others to follow.

However, Camp Aldersgate wasn't just about leadership - it was also about faith. The

devotionals we had each day brought me closer to God and helped me understand the

importance of spirituality in my life. The camp's mission to foster a sense of community

through faith was something that resonated deeply with me.

As I grew older, I found myself looking back on my time at Camp Aldersgate with

fondness. The lessons I learned there have stayed with me to this day and have helped

shape the person I am today. I've continued to use my leadership style to help others,

and I've remained steadfast in my faith.

That's why I believe it's so important to donate to Camp Aldersgate. The camp has

impacted so many lives, including my own, and it deserves to continue doing so for

generations to come. I want my own children to have the same experiences I did - to

make new friends, discover their own leadership style, and strengthen their faith. By

donating to the camp, we can ensure that it remains a place of growth, community, and

faith for years to come.

Kimberly Bouthiette

Camp Aldersgate Finance Committee


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