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A Letter from Camp - October 2023

As the leaves start to change and the temperature dips, we fondly look back at the incredible summer we had at camp this past season. It was a season filled with laughter, adventure, and the rekindling of traditions.

One of the most remarkable highlights of this summer was the record-breaking number of registrations for our Day Camp. Families flocked to Aldersgate, eager to provide their children with a summer of unforgettable experiences. The energy was palpable as campers arrived, their faces lit up with anticipation. We watched in amazement as our Day Camp reached unprecedented numbers, a testament to the hard work of our summer staff.

But it wasn't just our Day Camp that saw a resurgence; our Overnight Camps also made a triumphant return to pre-pandemic levels. Aldersgate echoed with the joyful sounds of children singing around campfires, the laughter and joy of cabin mates, and the cheers of friendly competitions.

Our campers enjoyed many activities, from archery and high ropes to arts and crafts. The lake was a hub of excitement, with swimming, canoeing, and fishing. Nature hikes allowed campers to explore the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding forests, fostering a deep appreciation for the great outdoors.

The sense of community and belonging was stronger than ever. Campfires became the backdrop for sharing stories and forging lifelong friendships. Campers learned valuable life skills, including teamwork, leadership, and resilience, all while having a blast.

The smiles on the faces of campers and the bonds formed during this summer will be cherished forever. It's clear that the magic of summer camp remains as potent as ever. As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the fall season, we carry the memories of this extraordinary summer. The Spirit is moving here at Aldersgate, offering endless opportunities for empowerment, growth, and connection with God and one another for generations to come.

John Spelman

Executive Director


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