Week-long traditional, adventure, horseback riding, arts, and STEM camps - find the perfect weeks for you!


Come for one week or all eight! Experienced staff, lunch included, and affordable prices make the difference.


Perfect for churches, colleges, or community groups to unwind from the world and be renewed in faith.


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Camp Fire


Aldersgate is a sacred space, empowering all, in faith and friendship to change the world.


Since 1945, we have offered people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Our programs are designed to promote teamwork and self-esteem all while strengthening friendships and learning new skills.




Camp Aldersgate has always been a place where I feel comfortable to try new things and to be myself. Over the past five years, I have made new friendships that I know will last a lifetime. There are many aspects of camp that encourage me to return each year, such as the strong sense of community and having an outlet to express myself. At camp, I can be creative and learn new ideas, while having fun. When I am at camp, I feel the most connected to God, nature, and the people around me. Thinking back to my favorite memories, camp always comes to mind. 


My daughter just returned from Living Arts week and had an amazing time! She was able to utilize her gifts and talents as well as learn new skills in stage management for The Lion King. The show was fantastic! Additionally, she was able to deepen her faith and explore important social justice issues in a place where all are welcome! Her counselors were amazing and she is already texting with new friends. She is already talking about next year. We give thanks to God for this camp and those called to serve there!



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