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Celebrating Diversity and Faith at Camp Aldersgate: A Beacon of Inclusivity

As we reflect on the transformative summer experiences that is shared around the campfire or in the laughter of a cabin at Camp Aldersgate, we are delighted to share some remarkable insights about the evolving nature of our faith community. Camp Aldersgate has become a sacred space that transcends denominational boundaries, empowering individuals in faith and friendship to change the world.

A Sanctuary for All: Fostering Faith Beyond Walls

One of the most uplifting aspects of our ministry is the diverse tapestry of families that call Camp Aldersgate their spiritual home. Recent data has revealed an interesting trend - 67% of our day camp families and 53% of our overnight families do not regularly attend church. Instead, they find their faith community flourishing right here at Camp Aldersgate. This statistic is a testament to our commitment to providing a nurturing environment where everyone, regardless of their church attendance, feels embraced by the warmth of our community.

An Ecumenical Haven: Uniting Under the Banner of Faith

Camp Aldersgate proudly stands as a beacon of ecumenism, welcoming families from various Christian denominations into our fold. A remarkable 25% of our camper families attend non-Methodist churches, representing a beautiful mosaic of faith traditions. Our community includes members from Baptist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches, showcasing the rich tapestry of Christianity that flourishes within our camp.

This ecumenical spirit is not just a statistic but a lived reality at Camp Aldersgate. The diverse backgrounds, traditions, and perspectives converging under our canopy of trees enrich the camp experience. Together, we celebrate our shared humanity and the universal principles that bind us in a collective pursuit of faith, friendship, and a commitment to change the world.

Your Support, Our Foundation: Building Bridges of Inclusivity

Together, we're not just building memories; we're fostering connections that resonate with the values of love, acceptance, and unity. As we continue to nurture the spiritual growth of our campers, we invite you to champion the inclusivity that defines Camp Aldersgate.

Your support is more than an investment in a summer camp; it's a commitment to a dynamic and evolving community of faith. We encourage you to share the story of Camp Aldersgate with your community, promoting it as a vital ministry of the church. By doing so, you contribute to a broader movement of fostering spiritual growth, friendship, and positive change.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Together, we are making a meaningful impact, not only in the lives of those who find their faith community at Camp Aldersgate but also in promoting a sense of belonging and connection for individuals seeking a spiritual haven.


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