Ready to explore the great outdoors?


Learn to follow a trail to find hammock village, find planets in the night sky, and work together to conquer your first ropes course elements.  Aldersgate has 280 acres to explore and all that’s missing is you!



(Deposit $100)

A very special camp for first timers!

Come make your own teddy bear and take it with you to all of our exciting activities around camp.  We will make sure your first camp experience is full of new friends, fun, and teddy bears!


Full Week: $500 (Deposit $100)

Half Week: $300 (Deposit $100)

*Half week pickup is Wednesday at 11:30 AM


ages 7 & 8

JULY 18 - 23, 2021


ages 7 & 8

JULY 11 - 16, 2021


(401) 568-4350

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