For over 70 years, youth, adults, and families have found a sacred space where they can unwind from the world and be renewed in their faith.

In today’s world it is sometimes hard to find a place where everyone belongs and can truly feel the love God has for every child.  At Aldersgate our mission is to create these communities: a place where families are beyond traditional definitions, where each person is loved for who they are, not who the world tells them to be, and where people can breathe in the love of God in order to feel the peace that comes with being a child of God. At Aldersgate we don’t create walls of separation; we teach our campers how to tear them down by being God’s hands and voice in the world.

Our faith teaching is based on three key truths: God loves you, God loves all of us, and God wants us to love one another. We believe we bring people to God by living our faith. We strive to show campers a world that has been transformed by disciples of Jesus Christ. This means we practice taking care of each other, taking care of the earth, and building relationships with our brothers and sisters from around the world. The Aldersgate Experience is achieved through faith talks to allow campers to wrestle with their faith without judgement, creative and youth friendly worships, and staff who mentor the values of love and acceptance in all parts of the community.

All campers have the opportunity to experience our private lake, hiking trails, and worship experiences.  Your program choice reflects the focus you want to have for the time you are here at camp!


We are having 2 open houses this year (Sunday, March 26 and Sunday, April 30) Join us for fun, food, and family activities from 1-4 pm.  Click here for directions to camp!


Summer Staff and Volunteers

Our staff is carefully screened and chosen from applicants from all over the world.  We are committed to training our staff in all facets of camp life so that your child has a safe, fun, and memorable camp experience.  Staff members go through a 200-hour intensive camp training program – one of the longest, most thorough camp training programs in New England.  All volunteers and staff must pass a background check and go through training before working with youth.

Camp Aldersgate is Accredited

The American Camp Association accreditation means that your child’s camp cares enough to undergo a thorough review of its operation – from staff qualifications and training to emergency management.  This partnership promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.  For more information, please visit their website at